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CW Headdress.  Professional Headwear Manufacturer - Helmets,  Police Hats, Chauffeur and  other Professional hatsC.W Headdress Limited (formerly Compton Webb Headdress) has been operating since 1996 as part of the Christy' & Co business.

Everything from the cork and cloth dome shaped helmets to uniform caps is produced at the Christys’ factory in Oxfordshire. Most of the UK’s Police force are wearing Christys’ handmade police helmets and caps. C W Headdress also make safety hats for Police around the world as far as Calgary (Police Helmet) Canada and Botswana (Police Bowler).

C.W Headdress is only one of three manufacturers producing Custodial Helmets in the UK.

The history of the protective Police Helmet is rooted in the Miners Strikes of 1984 in South Wales when it was decided that more head protection was needed after a harrowing image of a Policeman, lying on the ground with head injuries made the paper.
Prior to this all Police hats were made of wool felt and hardened with Shelac.
Over the years C.W Headdress have dealt with contracts for the MOD, United Nations and regional contracts with many of the UK Police Forces.
Back in C.W Headdress's early days they also manufactured the safety helmets, commonly called the Corker, worn by scooter riders (scooterists).

C.W Headdress before Christys'

J. Compton Sons & Webb was founded in 1899 and began trading in the 1930s. The company had a name change to Compton Sons & Webb after the Second World War, although it was still referred to as J Compton Sons & Webb until 1978 when it was bought out.

The company manufactured the Military uniforms from head to toe with factories across the UK; each specialising in one form of apparel.

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Original photographs from the C.W Headdress archives featuring the famous Corker hats.

C.W Headdress archives featuring the famous Corker hats