1. Introducing: The 250th Anniversary Canterbury Trilby

    The 250th Anniversary Canterbury Trilby
    It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to celebrate 250 years of business and, in doing so, join the exclusive and prestigious club of storied British brands and artisans that we’ve long harboured a deep admiration for, for instance, Johnstons of Elgin, Floris, and Sunspel. Having been founded in 1773, there’s no question that this year is the most noteworthy one in the Christys’ London chronicle; one that we’ve been looking forward to for some time and have been working towards creating hats that are truly special and befitting of the milestone.
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  2. Throwing Shade – The perpetuity of the Panama hat

    Throwing Shade – The perpetuity of the Panama hat
    In Ecuador, seasons pass not in cycles of four, but two: rainy season, and dry season. The subtropical climate is humid and hot; its Pacific coast is sunny and warm year-round. Somewhat inevitable, then, that one of the world’s most timeless – and well-travelled – sartorial designs originates here: that of the Panama hat.
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  3. Christys' Hats x The Gentlemen Baristas

    Christys' Hats x The Gentlemen Baristas
    Christys' Hats welcomes you to the extravagant spectacle of Royal Ascot – a crowning gem in Britain's Racing annals, steeped in centuries of tradition. Here, world-class racehorses, dignitaries, and the crème de la crème of millinery extravagance coalesce for a thrilling tableau of flat racing. It's difficult to imagine a more apt location to showcase the pinnacle of hat fashion.
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  4. No top hat required: a guide to The Queen Anne Enclosure at Royal Ascot

    Ascot – How to do it in style – Queen Anne & Village Enclosures
    Whilst The Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot has probably the most famous dress codes of any race meeting, or indeed, social event; guests of the other enclosures should also be aware of the clothing restrictions and use the opportunity to display your finery (and excellent taste in headwear).
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  5. Christys’ at Ascot – How to do it in Style

    Ascot's Royal Enclosure – How to do it in Style
    Royal Ascot is justly considered the pinnacle in both flat racing and the English social calendar. To maintain standards and to keep the sense of tradition, there is a strictly-enforced dress code for racegoers-particularly in the Royal Enclosure. Ladies are required to wear dresses of a “modest length” with adequate shoulder covering while gentlemen should wear traditional morning dress, including a top hat.
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  6. The Coronation – Headwear fit for a King

    Coronation headwear fit for a king – "The King is always elegantly, smartly, and appropriately dressed."
    The coronation of King Charles III on Saturday 6th May will be a remarkable day. The United Kingdom has not seen a monarch being crowned since 1953 and there is much interest in all aspects of this auspicious occasion. The ceremony will involve a lavish display of royal robes and regalia, but it is the St. Edward’s Crown that has the most important role. Created in 1661 for King Charles II, the crown is solid gold and decorated with 444 precious and semi-precious stones. The St. Edward’s Crown will be re-fitted for the new monarch and has been a part of every coronation since its creation.
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  7. Caps by Royal Decree

    Caps by Royal Decree – Woollen caps are arguably one of the oldest accessories still in use today.
    We believe Queen Elizabeth I, 'The Virgin Queen', would approve of Christys' comprehensive range of woollen caps. After all, it was under her watch in 1571 when an Act of Parliament was introduced that made it mandatory for all men over six to wear woollen caps on Sundays and public holidays.
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  8. Brimming With Style

    Brimming With Style – Style, sport and society come together at the Dubai World Cup horse race
    The world of horse racing is filled with prestigious and historic races. The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe, and the Grand National are just some of the beloved races embedded in the global equestrian calendar that attract hundreds of thousands of racegoers every year.
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  9. Hats of the Silver Screen

    Hats of the Silver Screen – Some of the most iconic bits of headwear in cinematic history
    What do Don Corleone, Indiana Jones and Sean Connery’s James Bond all have in common? Aside from being cultural heroes and legends of cinema, they all wore hats exceptionally well. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that many of the biggest silver screen icons relied on hats as integral parts of their wardrobes. A well chosen fedora, trilby or flat cap can transform a look, taking it from pedestrian to something confident and elegant. It can become a signature, as instantly recognisable and synonymous with a character as a mechanical wrist watch or a convertible sports car.
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  10. Cheltenham Festival

    Cheltenham Festival – Our style guide for race day
    Steeped in equine heritage, The Cheltenham Festival (14.3 to 17.3) heralds the start of the racing season, making it one of the must-attend events in the sporting calendar. Offering a stage for top-tier jockeys to vie against each other, the four-day jumps event also serves as a joyous gathering fit for congenial socialising (though it's immensely raucous for some, given its coincidence with St Patrick's Day) and, perhaps most importantly, an occasion to dress up in country-inspired clothing, naturally finished with a Christys' felt hat or woollen cap.
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