Caps by Royal Decree – Woollen caps are arguably one of the oldest accessories still in use today.

We believe Queen Elizabeth I, 'The Virgin Queen', would approve of Christys' comprehensive range of woollen caps. After all, it was under her watch in 1571 when an Act of Parliament was introduced that made it mandatory for all men over six to wear woollen caps on Sundays and public holidays.

Now, the purpose of it wasn’t to create a uniform-looking society on specific days but to breathe new life into England's woollen trade. Centuries later, said trade is still something to be celebrated. We’re proud to work with many esteemed fabric mills, such as Lovat Mill, Harris Tweed Hebrides or Abraham Moon, on producing our range of woollen caps which we view as charming and tasteful accessories with traditional values and modern appeal.

Woollen caps are arguably one of the oldest accessories still in use – they’re not relics of a bygone Tudor England era – and remain must-have items in the modern wardrobe. Whether they're for certain occasions, like at The Cheltenham Festival last week or run-of-the-mill days, there's no denying the pleasure of nonchalantly wearing a woollen cap. They demonstrate informed and dignified taste and also assist one in expressing confidence and charisma.

From 8-piece baker boy caps for rural endeavours crafted from rich browns and greens tweeds to more city-friendly Balmoral styles in navies and greys, we're not short on options this season.

If you're unsure of your head size, here's our fool-proof sizing test you can do at home. All you need to do is wrap a soft tape measure around your head, positioned mid-forehead and above the ears, and at an even level. Record the reading and add one centimetre to it. It's as simple as that. Or see our sizing guide and how to measure video.

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