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Royal Ascot 2019

Top Hats For The Occasion

Bringing together 246 years of hat making excellence and the spirit of British horseracing's most prestigious summer event, Royal Ascot; Christys’ London and Ascot Racecourse have created two new and exclusive panama hat collections. Fit for racing purists and fashion lovers alike, the collections features the nest handwoven Ecuadorian panama and classic silk colours, as well as all new iconic hat boxes. All these hats are hand made by Christys’ in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

The Royal Ascot Range

The Royal Ascot range is crafted using Christys’ best grade 8 Brisa panamas and exclusively trimmed using the classic racing silk colours, an exclusive to the Christys’ for Royal Ascot range. All hats are finished with our new gold stamped navy headband. Styles include the classic folder panama hat Thomas and a stylish down brim companion Harper. The Royal Ascot range will also feature an iconic parchment and gold edged hat box.

The Ascot range features the Classic Ethan and Edward shapes and exclusively for ladies the down brim Audrey and Alice styles, as well as the wide brim Amelia. Crafted using natural panama trims, they include the exclusive Royal Ascot Racing Club silk satin grosgrain ribbon of navy and cream and nished with an exclusive silver stamped navy headband. All accompanied by a silver trimmed hat box.

The Ascot Collection