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Cally Squires Top 5 Hats for Winter

We have asked Cally Squires an editor of Belgravia magazine, Slone Square magazine and Mayfair Times to guest edit her top 5 hats for winter. Cally has written for many publications over the years including the Times, GQ, Quintessentially Insider, the Financial Times and is a stylish girl around town. Cally joined us in the London store to try some hats on and pick out her favourite for the season. Where we got to know her a little better...

How would you describe your winter wardrobe?
Black and navy – like my favourite colour of the Sophia trilby! Layers are also important at this time of year, and black leather boots with cashmere socks underneath feel like a secret treat on really cold days.

How important is a hat? Are you normally a hat wearer?
Hats looks so classic and elegant, not just on men but on women too. Hats in winter like a trilby or fedora reminds me of a more romantic era! Personally, I favour a wider brim, but I also love a cosy trapper.

Tell us a bit about your job and how you got into it?
I studied a mix of law and economics at university, but edited sections of both the university student papers – Varsity and The Cambridge Student – as well as reporting for the university radio station and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.
I had a training contract and was all set to become a corporate lawyer before a spontaneous change of heart, all thanks to a chat with my brilliant hairdresser Jonny Long from Lockonego on the King’s Road.
I was lucky enough to meet two incredible journalists who really inspired me, Emma Tucker and Natasha Pearlman, during work experience at The Times and News of the World. My career then started properly on the Life and Arts desk at The Financial Times. I now edit Belgravia, a local London magazine, and I love the variety that brings – whether it means interviewing an interesting resident who has done something special or someone well known like Dame Joan Collins or Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, who have both been in the magazine recently.

Dressing well is surely part of your job, do you have any key pieces that you swear by?
My motto now is to buy fewer things but better quality. A Prada ski jacket that I bought five years ago has more than justified it’s cost per wear, as it gets worn in the city, not just on the slopes. The hood also makes it super functional, and when it’s raining means I don’t need to carry a bulky umbrella.
For me bags are also key, I have two Mulberry Bayswaters in really classic colours – black and putty – that go with almost any outfit and can fit loads inside. I haven’t seen Johnny Coca’s new take on the bag yet, but I can’t wait to see one.

After your experience will you be wearing hats more often?
Absolutely! I have always looked forward to Ascot and summer weddings for the chance to wear formal hat, but now I’ve discovered the amazing quality of Christy’s pieces I am so much more confident wearing a proper hat day-to-day as opposed to just for a special occasion. @callysquires

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