Event Style - Caps

Event Style - Caps

As the anticipation for some of horse racing's most illustrious events, and with the jump season reaching it's peak, we're thrilled to present our collection of exquisite tweed and classic caps, meticulously crafted to elevate your race day style.
Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage and timeless elegance of early season race day style, our curated selection promises not only to complement your wardrobe but also to embody the spirit of the sports esteemed events.

Whilst the meets are a reason to celebrate – both wins and losses and life in general with friends and family – it’s also a fine occasion to dress up and look the part. Regular readers of our newsletters will know that a few weeks ago, we wrote about the formalities (or lack thereof) within the wardrobe for attending race days, and today just wanted to remind you that with it being so close, now is the time to place your order for one of our 8-piece and Balmoral wool caps. 

Crafted using hearty British wools, sourced from reputable mills such as Harris Tweed Hebrides and also little-known but remarkable makers from the Scottish Borders we’re most fond of, every Christys’ wool cap is made with integrity and enriched with charm.

Word of advice from Chris Modoo, an authority on classic menswear, if you’re attending  jump races this year: "Tweed caps can be worn with tailoring but try to avoid looking like you're an extra in Peaky Blinders by matching your cap with your suit – save that for Goodwood Revival." 

We wish you a happy and fruitful festival and if you have any questions on sizing and more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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