Our Heritage & History

Since 1773

Discover the rich history of Christys' London, a journey that begins with the birth of Miller Christy in 1748 in Scotland. This storied timeline traces the evolution of an iconic brand from Miller's apprenticeship in felt making in 1763 to the establishment of a renowned hat manufacturing business in London in 1773.

Christys' narrative is woven through centuries of tradition and innovation, from pioneering the art of hat making to creating timeless styles that have adorned heads of state, celebrities, and fashion icons. Join us in exploring the milestones that have shaped Christys' into a symbol of excellence and craftsmanship in the world of hat making.

The Beginning



Miller Christy's birth at Ormiston Lodge, Haddington, Scotland, marks the beginning of a legacy in hatmaking.

Forming an the world's largest hat factory



William Christy and three partners buy Underbank Hall and open The Stockport and East Cheshire Bank - now part of the National Westminster Bank.

The Stockport felt and hat making works are taken over by the Christy family

Cementing a legacy



The snap brim felt hat is introduced and popularised by the Prince of Wales. The style can be worn not only with lounge suits but also with sports clothes, replacing the cap on the golf course.

Building on 250 years of experise

2000 to Present Day


The new millennium blows fresh life into hat wearing as those at the forefront of fashion and music rediscover and reintegrate hats to the style world.