Christys' Heritage Cap Collection

Christys' Heritage Cap Collection

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After meticulous planning and anticipation, we're thrilled to reveal a significant milestone for Christys’: we've achieved the trifecta of Made in England millinery. 

What does that mean exactly? Well, alongside our much-loved collections of Made in England felt and Panama hats, we're now crafting caps in fine tweed wool and cashmere in our workshop in Oxfordshire. As a result, we’re one of the very, very few companies to lay claim to the manufacturing accomplishment.

Now, it's crucial to emphasise that the current Christys’ catalogue contains a diverse array of caps, and it has done so for several seasons. Nevertheless, our latest addition, the heritage cap collection, stands out as the sole collection proudly manufactured in England and within our own factory, hence the distinct pricing.

This is not the first time in our history that we’ve crafted caps in England, given our 250-year history. In the early 20th century, when the baker boy and newsboy caps transcended their workwear roots and entered the style vernacular, Christys’ was one of many manufacturers that catered to this burgeoning market. As their names suggest, bakerboy and newsboy caps were primarily worn by the hustling and bustling working class. They were practical accessories worn to protect the wearer from debris and heat and keep the sun out of their eyes. 

Members of the upper echelons of society, particularly the Duke of Windsor, started to recognise the practicality and functionality of textile-based caps as the 20th century progressed. They seamlessly transitioned these caps from the smog-filled cities to the crisp countryside air, sporting them while engaging in countryside activities like fishing, shooting, and hunting in matching three-piece tweed and flannel suits, thus highlighting their sartorial prowess. A century later, they’re still enjoyed in both worlds – but with perhaps less pomp and, thankfully, less smog. 

Like numerous British exports, manufacturing gradually shifted overseas as the 21st century dawned,  (please note that our felts and Panamas have always been Made in England). This is why reintroducing cap-making into our own operations marks a significant milestone for the company, also strengthens the British manufacturing industry and craft as a whole.

The production process of our heritage cap collection is the sum of eight parts, starting with cutting the patterns for our 8-piece and flat caps from bolts of charmingly textured cloth woven in the UK. These are then expertly sewn together by hand before the peak, which is made from a durable and robust composite material is carefully covered and attached to the main body. The cap is then steamed and pressed to give it its shape using age-old machinery. Of course, plenty of trimmings are required, such as the button, lining, and finally, our iconic red Christys’ diamond ‘Made in England’ label, all carried out by our team of highly skilled seamstresses in Oxfordshire.

The heritage cap collection currently consists of two capsules: the collaboration with Johnstons of Elgin, the esteemed Scottish cashmere specialist, and our all-season collection, which is made entirely with Teviot tweed from Lovat Mill, also from Scotland.

It’s generally accepted that Lovat Mill in Hawick is the home of tweed, so we’re delighted to offer a Balmoral and 8-piece caps across three colourways: thistle green, bracken, and heather. Not too heavy nor too light, gentlemen and ladies can wear these caps year-round. 

Arguably, the highlight is the Johnston’s of Elgin collaboration. In our humble opinion, it celebrates the best of the best as there is no finer manufacture of cashmere in the world (JoE are suppliers to some of Europe’s most prestigious fashion houses). The family-owned company is 226 years old, and the mill in Elgin is beautiful in its rustic beauty (we will be diving into this company’s history in due course). Again, we have an 8-piece cap and a Balmoral cap made from the renowned Johnstons of Elgin Velour Cashmere in their classic light grey or camel, two timeless colourways that are very much unisex.

This is only the beginning of Christys’ heritage cap collection, and over the coming seasons, we will be adding to our collection of Made in England caps. Expect everything from baseball caps to bucket hats, all crafted by hand using the finest British textiles.

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