Christys' x Johnstons of Elgin

Christys' x Johnstons of Elgin

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A collaboration celebrating two of Great Britain’s oldest makers and true specialists in their respective fields, with a combined company history of over 475 years.

This Christys’ x Johnstons of Elgin caps collection is made using Johnstons of Elgin’s luxurious cashmere, woven in its own Scottish Mills which was founded in 1797. This has been used to make the finest of all Christys’ caps made in Christys’ own factory in Oxfordshire, England.

We have an 8-piece Baker Boy and a Balmoral cap made from the renowned Johnstons of Elgin Velour Cashmere in their classic light grey or camel, two

timeless colourways that are very much unisex.

This collaboration is the highlight of a significant milestone for Christys’: we've achieved the trifecta of Made in England millinery. Alongside our much-loved collections of Made in England felt and Panama hats, we're now crafting caps in fine tweed wool and cashmere in our workshop in Oxfordshire. As a result, we’re one of the very, very few companies to lay claim to the manufacturing accomplishment. Re-introducing cap-making into our own operations marks a significant milestone for the company, also strengthens the British manufacturing industry and craft as a whole.

Johnstons of Elgin in our humble opinion, celebrates the best of the best as there is no finer manufacture of cashmere in the world. Johnstons of Eglin are suppliers to some of Europe’s most prestigious fashion houses. The family-owned company is 226 years old, and the mill in Elgin is beautiful in its rustic beauty.

The production process of our made in England cap collection is the sum of eight parts, starting with cutting the patterns for our 8-piece and flat caps from bolts of charmingly textured cloth woven in the UK. These are then expertly sewn together by hand before the peak, which is made from a durable and robust composite material is carefully covered and attached to the main body. The cap is then steamed and pressed to give it its shape using age-old machinery. Of course, plenty of trimmings are required, such as the button, lining, and finally, our special edition Christys’ Johnstons of Elgin silver grey diamond ‘Made in England’ label, all carried out by our team of highly skilled seamstresses in Oxfordshire.

Christys’ brings 251 years of heritage and hat making, Christys’ London is The Great British Hatmaker. Crafting its hats and caps with time honored skills in its factory in Oxfordshire, England. Felts, Panamas, and Bakerboy, flat, Baseball caps to Top hats and Bowlers. Christys’ passion for quality and craftsmanship has passed through generations of hatmakers.

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